Great Salad + Pajama Finds + Nordstrom Sale Picks

greek salad with beets

  It’s still sunny here AND it’s long weekend time! Couldn’t be happier right now as we discuss this week’s round of Friday Favorites. 🙂 First, I’m guest posting today over on Laura’s blog on the topic of Skincare For Runners. It’s a really informative post (if I do say so myself) discussing the various […]

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Random Thoughts For This Thursday! (TOL)


I’m still all up in the Royal Wedding details even though it happened last weekend. I’m busy with the pictures and articles, while also doing my British research because I sit curious on things. Like the whole Princess Diana / Camilla thing. We all know the story (or think we know the story) so I […]

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What I Ate On Monday (City Day)

Apella lunch

  I started my week in the city for a workshop luncheon thing. In some ways, having to be in the city on a Monday is an awesome way to start the week for me. It’s a break from routine and jolts me into the week, leaving me no time to linger on wishing it […]

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Top 5 From The Weekend

Cheesecake Factory salad

  Another weekend over in a flash! I came up with exactly 5 weekend highlights to share so let’s call today a top 5 from the weekend. The Royal Wedding Gosh I’m a sucker for a good wedding, especially a Royal Wedding that appears like a fairy tale! I started watching the coverage from home […]

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